Medical Equipment Without a Prescription


When you get certain items of medical equipment you will need to have a doctor’s order to get the devices. Oxygen tanks require the patient to have a prescription from the doctor saying they are necessary or the medical equipment provider will not bring the devices to the patient. Not all medical equipment requires a doctor’s orders for you to be able to get it, but in order for you to be able to file an insurance claim and be reimbursed for any medical equipment you buy a doctor will have to prescribe it for you.

When people have certain types of surgeries they need medical devices to help them when they return to their homes. Beds like the ones that are used in hospitals assist a patient in setting up after surgical procedures. These beds can also prevent a patient from falling out of their bed. If the patient has to remain in bed these beds will allow the patient to raise and lower their heads so they can be more comfortable. You do not need a prescription from a doctor to lease or buy one of these devices. If your doctor does think the bed is medically necessary then they will write out orders for you to get one. These medical orders from your doctor will make your insurance company liable for the cost of the equipment Stryker 1588 aim.

Wheelchairs, crutches, and many other pieces of equipment are designed to help people recovering from injuries that leave them unable to ambulate on their own. You can buy these devices without having a referral from your doctor. If your doctor does deem the use of an ambulation device as necessary then your insurance may very well cover the cost of the rental, or purchase, of the device.

A lot of device that were once only seen in a hospital or on an ambulance are not available for people to purchase. Defibrillators can now be purchased by the private citizen without a medical order from a doctor. The availability of these devices without a prescription may very well save lives.

Common devices like blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, and nebulizers, can be purchased at most pharmacies and even at your local department store. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to have these items in your home. You can also now buy thermometers, stethoscopes, scales, and even devices to see into your ears that are of the same quality as the ones that are in the doctor’s office. Many people are starting to keep these items on hand so they can make better determinations about when they need to go to see a doctor and when they can treat a problem from home.

Any piece of medical equipment that could potentially cause harm to a person does have to be recommended by a physician, and any piece of equipment that you want to report on your taxes, or insurance, must be ordered by your doctor.

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